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Thank the BIG man in the woods

Ellis Island Database (part of knowing where you are going is knowing where you come from)

SAFE (there is a big ole world out there)

Troy, not the one near Albany, Puellae and Puers)

Onie (he thinks snowmobilers are yummy)

David Cusick (a little Bigfoot, nasty serpents)

A Curious Dream by Mark Twain (shades of Stephen King methinks

Joseph Campbell

Lake Iroquois

William M. Beauchamp collection at NY State Library

Google Earth (you broadband folks will love this

Eastern States Archeological Federation Website

Onondaga Historical Association

Onondaga Library

Mid York Library System (including Chittenango FREE Library)

Underground Railroad

Onondaga Nation

Iroquois Book of Rites

Historic Glass Bottle Identification

New York State Archaeological Association

New York Archaeological Council

History Hunters

Babel Translator

Onondaga Language

Clive Cussler and NUMA

Anthropology Resources



The Erie Canal

National Geographic (this one is for you Gordon)

Manual of Cemetery Law for NY State

Archaeological Conservancy

Archaeology Blogs

Archaeology Field Work (loads of links)

Coin Facts

National Trust

Vermont Eugenics

Library of Congress


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