THE PENNSYLVANIA ARCHAEOLOGIST available back issues. Add 1930 to the volume number to find the year of publication.
1(1)  The Premier issue-- a reproduction.
26(1) Fluted points in Buck Co (Mason); Human remains from Krieger site, Ontario (Kidd); Broomall Rockshelter sites (Smith).
27(1) Interior cordmarked pottery from coastal New York (Lopez).
27(2) Raccoon Point site in Lower Delaware Valley (Keir, Calverly).
28(1) Early Woodland rockshelter (Kinsey); Parker earthwork, Ontario (Lee); Possible Seneca house AD 1600 (Guthe).
28(3-4) Fluted points in Susquehanna basin (Kinsey); Quemahoning & Squirrel Hill site (Robson); Milo rockshelter, NY (Lopez); Huron migration? (Ridley).
31(2) Stratified site at Ohioview (Alam); Frauds in Ontario archaeology (Carpenter).
32(1) Discovery of Sheeprock Shelter (Stackhouse and Corl); Horticulture Early-Middle Woodland in Eastern U.S. (Fitzer); Crystal Rock site (Pendergast); Dugout canoe, Wyoming County (McCracken).
32(2) Fluted points from U. Chesapeake (Dilks); Aboriginal butchering (Guilday).
35(2) Cornplanter cemetery (Sublett, Abrams); First petroglyph in NJ (Kraft).
38(1-4) McKees Rock site, PA (Bunker, Lang, Jones).
40(3-4) Iroquois and Laurentian wars (Forbes); Drew site, PA (Tanner).
41(1-2) Mid-Atlantic culture province (Kinsey); Archaic Upper Ohio Valley (George); Sandts Eddy site (Fehr, et al).
41(3) Owasco, Iroquois Maize (Winter); Early Archaic Staten Island (Ritchie).
41(4) Shenks Ferry culture incl. the Murry site (Kinsey, Graybill, Heisey).
42(1-2) Caches (McCann); 2 stratified sites in Upper Hudson Valley (Funk); Wolf mask and carnivore skull artifacts (Parmalee).
42(3) Iroquois pottery decoration (Engelbrecht); Everhardt rockshelter (Geasey).
43(1) South Park site, OH (Brose); Powissett rockshelter (Dincauze, et al ).
44(3) Upper Susquehanna Valley (Funk); Monongahela flint and workshops (Eisert); Humpback knives (McDaniels).
45(4) Wadding rockshelter (George); Split rockshelter (Herbstritt, Love).
46(4) Brief surveying manual (Hunter); McKees Rocks skeletons (Doyle); Conneaut Fort (Brose, et al).
47(4) Nativistic pipe ceremonialism in New England (Turnbaugh); Ohioview skeletons (Faingnaert, et al).
48(3) Monongahela artifacts from Ryan site (George); Discovery of Ft. Loudan (Kent); Lambert House (Powell).
48(4) Excavations at Woodville (Richardson); McJunkin site (George).
48(S) 46SU3 revisited (Applegarth, Adovasio, Donahue).
49(3) Enderle site (Seeman, Bush); Western. Basin tradition (Stothers); Roman's Battery (Harrington).
49(4) Early smoking pipes in Susquehanna River valley (Smith); Intra-longhouse spatial analysis (Kapches); Archaic transition (Simms).
50(1-2) Possible cultural affiliation of Monongahela (George); Marietta earthworks and Ft. Ancient (Graybill); Seneca cabin (Lantz).
50(3) The Overpeck site (Forks of the Delaware Chapter SPA).
50(4) Unami Creek rockshelter (Strohmeier); Lenape archaeology (Becker); Bull Run site (Bressler).
51(1-2) Petroglyphs, tar burners, lye leachers (Swauger); Cultigens in Upper Ohio Valley (Adovasio, et al).
51(3) Bonnie Brook Monongahela village (Herbstritt); Campbell site (Michael).
51(4) Fisher (Mon) site (Michael, Grantz); PA 18th C. Indian towns (Kent).
52(1-2) 50 years of the Pennsylvania Archaeologist: 1930-1979 Index (Swauger).
52(3-4) Patterns of hollow exploitation on Allegheny frontier (Stevenson); Williams red ochre cemetery (Sciulli, et al); Lancaster Co. Park site (Kinsey, Custer); Multidisciplinary research in Northeast (Adovasio).
53(1-2) Redstone Old Fort: Hilltop Monongahela (Michael); Late Woodland at Fisher Farm analysis (Hatch); Teshoa flake production (Roberts, Sant); Glass beads from Waterford, NY (Fisher, Hartgen); book reviews.
53(3) Wells site (Lucy, McCann); Walters Rockshelter (Kline, Staats); History and arch of Philadelphia rds, sts, utilities; Monroe collection (Kolb).
53(4) Gnagy site and Monongahela occupation of Somerset plateau (George).
54(1-2) Mortuary patterns of Monongahela (Davis); Spruce Run (George); Goals and methods and Monongahela (McHugh); Donley site (Eisert); E. periphery of Ft. Ancient (Graybill); Significant cordage attributes (Maslowski); Belldina's Bottom site, WV (Mitchem).
54(3-4) Susquehannock demise (Tooker); Perkiomen Broadspear (Dunn); Lakens cache, OH (Prufer, et al); Late Archaic paleoecology (Custer); Gray cache, NJ (Staats).
55(1-2) Muddy Run rockshelter (Walbert, McGill); Blackman site: Proto-Susquehannock Village (Lucy, McCracken); Hist Petroglyphs, OH (Murphy); Magnetometric testing at Bushy Run (Bartlow, Palance); Fluted pts and pebble chert, NJ (Boldurian); Webb site (Custer); Site survey and testing (Kent, et al).
55(3) Crested blackstone pipe (Becker); L. Woodland ceramics, DE (Griffith, Custer); Novak site (Boyce); Golomb Farm site (Kohler, Orlandini)
55(4) Cuspidoform petroglyphs (Murphy, Carsadden); Bucks County rockshelters (Strohmeier); Ashmore Farm (Eisert, Boyce); Mitchell Farm, DE (Custer, etal).
56(1-2) Experiments with fire-hardening of woods (Warfel); Dated Brewerton component Armstrong Co. (George, Davis); Dental caries and horticulture, OH (Sciulli, Schneider); Ft Ancient and blade core industry (Robertson); Perkiomen Broadpoint viewpoint (Staats); Contract Archaeology assessment SE PA (Custer).
56(3-4) Crawford-Grist site #2 (Grantz); Archeometric analysis Lancaster Co. (Custer); Gray site, NJ (Staats); Clemson's Island vessel (George); Paleo-Indian components 36LA336 (Smoker, Custer); Burial #6 Hartley site (Zimmerman, Randolph); 1916 Susquehanna River expedition (Custer).
57(1) Hist and Arch Immanual Church, New Castle, DE (Roberts); Cultural ecology and archaeology in the Mid-Atlantic (Custer).
57(2) Cultural manifestations--Friendsville site, MD (Boyce-Ballweber); Cultural ecology and archaeology in the Mid-Atlantic, part 2 (Custer).
58(1) Rock Hill rockshelter 36BU35 (Strohmeier); Ironstone utilization in central Mid-Atlantic (Ward); Alternate uses stone celts (Staats); Lithic scatter Piedmont Zone, PA,MD,DE (Custer); 18th C. native settlements, Forks of Delaware, PA--Arch implications (Becker); Late Woodland jar--Stanhope Cave, OH (Seeman, Prufer); Memorial Elmer Erb; Pa Profile: Mercer (Custer, Doms).
58(2) PA Radiocarbon dates (Herbstritt); Owasco vessel, PA (Kline, Staats); Steatite quarries MD, PA (Ward, Custer); Pennsbury Manor bannerstone, PA (Becker); PA Profile: Pratt and Carlisle Indian School (Custer).
59(1) Ft. Ancient communities analysis, OH (Nass); Radiocarbon date-Blackman site (McCracken, Lucy); Prehistoric sites on unglaciated Appalachian Plateau (Stewart, Kratzer); Skeletal sample, Scioto, OH (Sciulli, Alexis, Curtin); The Shoop conundrum (Moeller).
59(2) Trojan site, Bradford Co, PA (McCracken); Quarry Workshop, NY (Funk, Wellman, Elliot); Six Early/Middle Woodland sites (Ballweber).
60(1) Airport II site: (Clemson Island/Owasco on N. Branch of Susquehanna River (Garrahan); Archaeology at Howarth-Nelson site, Fayette Co. (Adovasio, et al); Late Woodland notched disks of U. Delaware Valley (Staats); What happened to Early Woodland cache? (Prufer); Clemson's Island studies (Stewart).  Abstracts
60(2) Ceramics from Iron Maker's Cabin, OH (Carskadden, Morton, Gartley); Petroglyph researcher's manifesto (Swauger); Household site (Monongahela village in Westmoreland Co. (George et al.); Safe Harbor petroglyphs (Inskip).  Abstracts
61(1) Tioga Point Farm site (Lucy); Lower Black's Eddy site, Bucks Co. (Schuldenrein, et al); Spangler site and Youghiogheny River site cluster with Susquehanna Broadspears (George); Cannelton sun god (Swauger).  Abstracts
61(2) Tocks Island component at Snyder site (Adams, Adams); Perkiomenville Rockshelters (Strohmeier); Historical archaeology in PA during Depression (Allen); Clemson Island pottery in Delaware Valley (Staats); Middle Woodland Murphy site, OH (Dancey); Susquehannock stature of mid 16th C. from skeletons at 46HM73 (Becker).  Abstracts
62(1) Susquehannock trade northward to New France prior to A.D. 1608: A popular misconception (Pendergast); Analysis of Late Archaic quartzite industries from the Long site and other sites of the Middle Atlantic Piedmont (Custer); Markings on bone artifacts from the Bell site (36CD31C): Notches, scratches, and cross-hatches (Matlack); A supplementary report on the Late Woodland ceramics from the Overpeck site (36BU5) (Freyermuth, Staats); Early Late Woodland in Western Pennsylvania; the Backstrum Side Notched point evidence (George); A pewter effigy pipe from Pennsylvania in the collection of the University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania (Anderson); Native American rock art in the Eastern United States (Swauger).  Abstracts
62(2) The Middle Woodland occupation of the Sewickley Creek-Youghiogheny River area and the Hopewell Interaction Sphere (George); An archaeobotanical study of Fort Ancient subsistence in southwestern Ohio: The State Line site (Wheelersburg); Development of the McFate Culture of Northcentral Pennsylvania: The Monongahela-Shenks Ferry connection (Matlack). Abstracts
63(1) An unusual feature type from the Chartiers Valley (Eisert); Archaeological investigations at the Pidcock sites, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Tull); Ground stone artifacts from the Snyder site (28WA528), Warren County, New Jersey (Freyermuth); Spearthrower weights from the Miga site (36NM33), Northampton County, Pennsylvania (Staats).  Abstracts
63(2) A stemmed point cache from the Snyder site, Warren County, New Jersey (Adams, Adams); The Portman site (36AL40) (Buker); Terminal Late Archaic mortuary practices at Kirian-Treglia (33AL39) (Sciulli, Schuck, Geisen); Lenape shelters: Possible examples from the Contact period (Becker); Excavation of a Shenks Ferry habitation complex on Canfield Island, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania (36LY251) (Bressler).  Abstracts
64(1) Tribute to John Witthoft (Kent); WPA archaeology in Somerset County (George); Upper Ohio Valley archaeological survey of the early 1950s -- and the years before (Swauger); Bits and pieces: The search for Greenwood Furnace (Heberling); Excavations at Sheep Rock Shelter (36HU1) (Michels); A trip down memory lane: Digging along the Delaware, 1964 to 1974 (Kinsey); Archaeology at Independence National Historical Park (Cotter); The direct historical approach to Lenape archaeology (Witthoft). Abstracts
64(2) Petroglyphs, Pictographs, and the Last Thirty-Five Years (Swauger); Archaeological Investigations at the Mon City Site (36WH737), Washington County, Pennsylvania (Hart); An Analysis of the Faunal Assemblage from the Mon City Site (36WH737) (Church); Revisiting the Monongahela Linguistic/Cultural Affiliation Mystery (George); Geoarchaeology: Landscape Formation and Site Identification: A Case Study in Modern Cultural Activities and Prehistoric Site Disturbance (Wheelersburg).  Abstracts
65(1) Prehistoric Settlement and Resource Use in the Aughwick Creek Valley and Adjoining Areas of Central Pennsylvania (Raber); Data Recovery Excavations at the Slackwater Site (36LA207), Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (Custer, et al.)  Abstracts
65(2) Biological Indicators of Diet in Monongahela Populations (Sciulli); Archaeological Investigations in Knox County, Ohio: The Acton Site (33KN345) (Kardulias, et al.Abstracts
66(1) A Summary of Phase III Data Recovery Excavations at the West Water Street Site (36CN175), Lock Haven, Clinton County, Pennsylvania (Custer, et al.); Preliminary Findings at the Wolf Creek Site (36BT82), Butler County, Pennsylvania (Skirboll and Hanson); The Sumneytown (36MG26) and Dietz Mill (36MG20) Rockshelters (Strohmeier).  Abstracts
66(2) Piney Island and the Archaic of Southeastern Pennsylvania (Kent); A Revolutionary War Burial Ground in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (Shaffer and Humpf); The Winter Knuckles Site and the Mystery House on the Youghiosheny (George); The Passenger Pigeon: A Seasonal Native American Food Source (Orlandini).  Abstracts
67(1) McFate Symposium Papers (George); The McFate Site and Late Woodland Settlement and Subsistence in French Creek Valley, Northwestern Pennsylvania (Burkett and Cunningham); The Smith Site: The Chautaugua-McFate Culture in the Upper Allegheny River Valley in Southwestern New York (Lounsberry); McFate Artifacts in a Monongahela Context: McJunkin, Johnston, and Squirrel Hill (George); An Examination of Late Prehistoric McFate Trail Locations (Myers).  Abstracts
67(2) Excavation of the Little Kiln Site (36ME226), Mercer County, Pennsylvania (Gundy); Archaic Manifestations of the Weikert Site and the Middle Creek Valley, Adams County, Pennsylvania (Morgan).  Abstracts
68(1) Porcupine Quillworking Tools on Monogahela Sites? Ethnology, Evidence, and Implication (George & George); A Miniature Ball-Headed Club in the Vatican Museum (Becker); Hannah Freeman's Baskets (Custer).  Abstracts
68(2) Wyoming Valley Landscape Evolution and the Emergence of the Wyoming Valley Culture (Thieme and Schuldenrein); An Examination of the Bead Hill Site in the Wyoming Valley (Shaffer); The Early Archaic Period in Pennsylvania (Carr); Daniel Garrison Brinton (Custer). Abstracts
69(1) Prehistoric Occupations at Fishbasket (Burkett).  Abstract
69(2) Two Artifact Caches from the Blawnox Site, 36AL19 (George); Monongahela Mortuary Practices in Somerset County, PA: Observations and Implications (Means); Hands Washed in a Muddy Stream: Corrections and Further Thoughts on "Wyoming Valley Landscape Evolution... " (Thieme).  Abstracts
70(1) A Buried Lamoka Occupation in Stratified Contexts, West Branch Valley of the Susquehanna River, PA (Wall); An Archaeology of Archaeology: Recent Investigations into the 1938 Martz Rock Shelters Excavation (Means); More on a Murky Subject: Impacts of Prehistoric Agricultural Activities in the Wyoming Valley (Thieme); Submission Guidelines. Abstracts
70(2) Ten-Year Index Issue: Pennsylvania Archaeologist 1990-1999 (Cushman)

Gunflint Reprint: History of Gunflints (Witthoft). Postage/handling is included.
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