Archaeological Society of New Jersey
proudly hosts
The 69th Annual Meeting
of the
Eastern States Archaeological Federation
November 7-10, 2002
Wyndham Hotel,  Mount Laurel, NJ

Meeting and USS New Jersey Tour Registration Form

Preliminary  Program
Subject to change without notice
Thursday, November 7, 2002
11:00 - 2:30 PM Walking tour of portions of the Abbott Farm National Landmark, Trenton, New Jersey (pre-registration required). Participants in the walking tour will be shuttled to the New Jersey State Museum for events beginning at 3:00.  Click this link for the required sign-up form.
1:00 PM Tour of the battleship USS New Jersey, Camden, New Jersey (pre-registration required). David Mudge, a veteran Naval officer, will lead the group.
3:00-6:30 PM Inspection of artifact collections from the Abbott Farm at the New Jersey State Museum, Trenton and exhibit opening reception. Click here for complete details.
7:30 - 8:30 PM Book Room Setup
8:00-10:00 PM Reception hosted by the Archaeological Society of New Jersey in the Hospitality Suite. Early meeting registration available
Friday, November 8, 2001
8:30 AM Welcome and Announcments
Archaeology in New Jersey: Highlights from the First Two Centuries. Organizer and moderator: Richard Veit, Monmouth University
8:45 AM Turning Points: A Brief History of Archaeology in New Jersey. Richard Veit, Monmouth University
9:10 AM ASNJ Investigations at the Tuckerton Shell Mound, Little Egg Harbor Township, Ocean County, N.J. Alan Mounier, Newfield, NJ
9:35 AM Max Schrabisch: Indefatigable Discoverer of Indian Rockshelters. Edward J. Lenik, Sheffield Archaeological Consultants
10:00 - 10:20 AM Break
10:20 AM Observations on the Aboriginal Remains in Eastern New Jersey:The Notebook of Charles F. Woolley, 1878 - 1881.  Megan E. Springate, Monmouth County Historical Association
10:45 AM New Jersey's Golden Age: The Contributions of Dorothy Cross to New Jersey Archaeology. Gregory Lattanzi, New Jersey State Museum
11:10 AM Portrait of Herbert C. Kraft: An Intimate Look at the Man and his Legacy. David M. Oestreicher, Eastchester, NY
11:35 AM The Influence of Abbott Farm and Raritan Landing on Professional Archaeology in New Jersey. John W. Martin, Gannett Fleming, Inc
12:00 - 1:10 PM Lunch
ESAF Executive Board Meeting 
Late Woodland and Contact Period Archaeology. Moderator: Joe Dent, American University.
1:10 PM Late Woodland Village Life on the Potomac River:  Excavations at the Winslow Site by the Archaeological Society of Maryland and American University. Joe Dent, American University.
1:35 PM Still Chasing Postmolds. Richard George, Carnegie Museum.
2:00 PM Late Woodland House Types of the Susquehanna’s West Branch Valley: A New View. James T. Herbstritt and Matt Harris, Commonwealth Archaeology Program, PA.
2:25 PM Water From A Deeper Well: An Analysis of Final Cordage Twist Direction on Woodland Pottery from the Central and Northern Susquehanna Drainage. Andrew Wyatt, Temple University. 
2:50 - 3:05 PM Break
3:05 PM A St. Lawrence Iroquoian Village in Vermont:  The Bohannon Site on Missisquoi Bay in Northern Lake Champlain. John G. Crock, University of Vermont.
3:30 PM Channelware: A Stylistic Fluorescence in Late Huron Ceramics. Nick Gromoff, University of Toronto
3:55 PM The Hershey Site:  New Developments From Trade Good Analysis. Jessica Howard, State Museum of Pennsylvania.
4:20 PM Sandy Point and Walker’s Pond: Two Native American Contact Period Sites on the Maine Coast. James Petersen, University of Maine;  Malinda Blustain, Robert S. Peabody Museum of Archaeology; James W. Bradley, ARCH LINK
4:45 PM The Dutch, the English, the Indians and the Deeds: 1640 -1743.  Lynn-Marie Wieland, Hunter College. 
8:00 PM Annual Canadian-American Friendship Party 
Saturday, November 9, 2002
Lithic Studies I. Moderator: Gregory Bondar, Penn State.
8:00 AM Cherts of Bedford County Pennsylvania: Building a Lithic Reference Collection. Brian L. Fritz, Carnegie Museum
8:25 AM Characterization and Sourcing of Metarhyolite in the Northeast. Gregory Bondar, Christopher Donaldson, and Thierry Daubenspeck, Penn State University.
8:45 AM Accurately Sourcing Those Ubiquitous Grey and Black Cherts. Adrian Burke, University of Maine.
9:10 AM Unlocking the Lockatong of the Lower Schuylkill Valley. Tim Messner, Temple University.
9:35 AM New Prehistoric Tool Classes and Types In Virginia. Wm. Jack Hranicky, Alexandria, VA.
10:00-10:20 AM Break
Lithic Studies II. Moderator: Michael Stewart, Temple University.
10:20 AM Lithic Economy and Site Function During Late Archaic and Woodland Occupations Within the Eastern Monongahela River Drainage. Brook Blades, New York University.
10:45 AM Context, Interpretation, and Fire Altered Rock. Michael Stewart, Temple University.
11:10 AM A Question of Color: Possible Heat-Treatment of Lithic Materials for Ritual Purposes. Peter Leach, University of Maine.
11:35 AM The Oley Hills Site:  Past and Current Research. Norman Muller, Princeton University.
12:00 - 1:30 PM Lunch

General Session: Moderator: Mike Barber, National Forest Service.
1:30 PM Archaeology in a Post-September 11 World: Salvage Work at 44PU72, Radford Army Ammunition Plant, Pulaski County, Virginia. Michael Barber, National Forest Service.
1:55 PM The Contribution of  Plow-Disturbed Prehistoric Archaeological Sites to Our Understanding of Past Cultural Behavior and Their Eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places. Kurt Carr, Bureau for Historic Preservation, PA.
2:20 PM The Marmet Data Recovery Project. Robert F. Maslowski, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
2:45 PM Public Archeology for Public Television: CRM, PBS, and FCR at the WMHT Site in North Greenbush. Andre Krievs, Hartgen Archeological Associates, Inc.
3:10 - 3:30 PM Break
3:30 PM Geoarchaeological Investigations at the Rivercrest Site (36Mg112). Gary E. Stinchcomb, Commonwealth Archaeology Program, PA.
3:55 PM Burnt Bone and X-Ray Diffraction: Experimental Approaches to Interpreting Calcined Assemblages. Rob Lore, University of Maine.
4:20 PM More Than Just Bricks. Edward F. Heite, Heite Consulting.
TBA ESAF General Business Meeting
6:00 PM Cash Bar
7:00 PM Annual Banquet
Guest Speaker: Harold Dibble
Sunday, November 10, 2002
General Session. Moderator: Kurt Carr, Bureau for Historic Preservation, PA.
9:00 AM Four Paleoindian and Early Archaic Sites in Southern New Jersey. Andrew Stanzeski, KSK, Inc. 
9:25 AM An Inventory of Fluted Projectile Points in Pennsylvania: Preliminary Results. Kurt Carr, Bureau for Historic Preservation, PA; Stanley Lantz, Carnegie Museum; and Gary Fogelman, Indian Artifact Magazine.
9:50 AM Continuing Discoveries at the Vail Palaeo-American Habitation and Kill Sites, Western Maine Highlands. Richard Michael Gramly, American Society for Amateur Archaeology.
10:15 - 10:30 AM Break
10:30 AM End of the Susquehanna Tradition, Circa 3000 BP, in Maine. Arthur E. Spiess, Maine Historical Preservation Commission; James B. Petersen, University of Vermont.
10:55 AM Release The Hounds: The Fox Creek Phase in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Matt Harris, Temple University.
11:20 AM A Tale of Two Tanneries: Phase III Excavations at the Philipsburg Tannery Site (36CE495). Amy K. Fanz and Scott Emery, A.D. Marble and Company. 

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