Volume 66     (2004)
Volume 65     (2003)
Volume 64     (2002)
Volume 63     (2001)
Volume 62     (1999)
Volume 61     (1998)
Volume 60     (1997)
Volume 59     (1996)
Volume 58     (1996)

Major articles and/or topics are highlighted for earlier volumes.

36...1970 Eckhart site; Waldron cache; Ecological Interpretations in Archaeology. 36pp.
38...1973 Hopkins site (Paleo-Woodland); Kirby Brook site (Archaic, Transitional). 90pp.
39...1975 Ceramic Sherds from Charles River; CT Sylvan Lake Complex; Hansel  Site. 48pp.
40...1977 Hammonassett Beach site; Rizzo site; Index to Volumes 1 - 39. 64pp.
41...1978 Ancient inscriptions in Western CT (Lenik); 18th C. Ebenezer Grosvenor
                Homestead site (Baker). 83pp.
42...1980 New Haven Harbor area from settlement to 20th century (Sharp), Search for Old
                Tunxis Village (Feder); Rockrimmon Rockshelter Wiegand); Van Wilgen site, North
                Branford  (Russell); Tokeneke Survey (Angstadt, etal). 44pp.
49...1986 Tamarack Site (Vargo and Vargo); Dill Farm (E. Archaic) Site (Pfeiffer); Human
                Osteology (Bellantoni, etal); Sea Level Rise and Site Submergence (McWeeney);
                Experimental Pottery Making (Tidwell, etal); Rhode Island Prehistoric Ceramic
                inventory (Dowd). 86pp.
50...1987 Paleoecological Relationships in Late Pleistocene/Holocene in New England
               (Parker); Stone Walls, Stone Lines, and Supposed Indian  graves (Moeller);
               Southwestern CT Prehistoric Ceramics (Wiegand); Woodruff Rockshelter Faunal
               Analysis (Swigart). 77pp.
51...1988 Morgan site: The Beginning (Cooke); Morgan Site, Rocky Hill, CT: Late Woodland
                Farming Community (Lavin); Rock Shelter #14 (Marin); Kent Sugar Loaf Hill site,
                Kent, CT (Thompson); Nantucket: Archaeological Record from Far Island (Pretola,
                Little); Archaeological and environmental investigations on Fishers Is, NY (Funk,
                Pfeiffer); Orient Fishtail Points (Fiedel). 125pp.
52...1989 Adena Related Burials: Glastonbury, Connecticut (Cooke); The Susquehanna
                Horizon as Seen From the Summit of Rye Hill (6LF100), Woodbury, Connecticut
                (Thompson); Radiometric Dates From Two Cremation Burial Sites in Southern New
                England (Pfeiffer, Stuckenrath); Dry Bone Cremations from Five Sites in New
                England (Ziac, Pfeiffer); An Investigation into the Ancient Burial Ground at Crescent
                Beach, Niantic, Connecticut (Pfeiffer, Malcarne); Public Act No. 89-368; ASC
                constitution. 87pp.
53...1990 Data From Shells: Theory in Search of a Method (Abraham); Saving Endangered
                Sites in Southern New England: Public Archaeology at Lambert Farm, Warwick,
                Rhode Island (Kerber); Archaeology: A Tool  for the Recovery of Data for Local
                History (Rivers); An Outline of the Aboriginal Archaeology of Shelter Island, New
                York (Witek); Terminal Archaic 'Living Areas' in the Connecticut River Valley
                (Pagoulatos); Aboriginal Weirs in Southern New England (Banks); The Point of the
                Matter (Tottenham). 89pp.
54...1991 The Excavation of a Human Burial Along the Thames River, Southeastern CT (Juli,
                Kelley); Two Prehistoric Human Skeletal Remains from the Morgan Site, Rocky Hill,
                Connecticut (Bellantoni);   Retrospective on Respect (Baxter); The Persistence of
                Memory: Neville and Stark Points in Southern New England (Hoffman); A Deer
                Antler Pipe from Eastern CT (Parkos); The Salmon River Rock Shelter (Gudrian);
                The Functional Uses of Eastern CT Quartzite (Pagoulatos); The M.R. Site, A
                Preliminary Report (Parkos); Plant Macrofossil Identification As A Method Toward
                Archaeo-Environmental Reconstructions (McWeeney). 97pp.
55...1992 The Cyrus Sherwood Bradley Collection: A Preliminary Study of the Prehistoric
                Native American Presence in Fairfield, CT (Strazdins); Southington Rock Shelters
                (Gudrian); Unidentified Artifact from the Salmon River in Eastern CT (Parkos);
                Aboriginal Pottery from the Indian Ridge Site, New Milford, CT (Lavin, Miroff);
                Heating Duration and Thermally Altered Stone (Pagoulatos); The Maintenance of
                Eastern CT Quartzite Tools: An Experimental Study (Pagoulatos); Connecticut
                Historical and Industrial Archaeology Bibliography (Gradie and Poirier); Pot Hunting,
                Looting, and the Indian Ledge Site (Cruson, Hoag). 91pp.
56...1993 Yale College in the 19th Century: An Archaeological Perspective (Brody); An
                Amateur's Comparison of Indian Artifacts Between and Western and South Central
                CT (Miller); Guide for the Avocational Archaeologist, Part I: The Dig (Gudrian); A
                Mysterious Polished and Perforated Artifact from Fairhaven (Lavin); The
                Manufacture of  Eastern CT Quartzite Tools: An Experimental Study (Pagoulatos);
                Prehistoric Pottery from the Morgan Site, Rocky Hill, CT (Lavin, Gudrian, Miroff);
                Hopeville Pond: Archaeological Evidence of a Middle Woodland Jack's Reef
                Component in Eastern CT (Pfeiffer). 115pp.
57...1994 Reducing the Effects of Heavy Equipment Compaction on Buried Archaeological
                Sites (Ardito); The Archaeological Rescue of the Spencer Site in Westbrook, CT
                (Pfeiffer); Prehistoric Pottery Assemblages from Southern Connecticut: A Fresh
                Look at Ceramic Classification in Southern New England (Lavin, Kra); More News
                on Ground and Edge-Perforated Artifacts (Lavin); A Note on Polished and
                Perforated Artifacts from Connecticut (Russell); A Comment on Edge-Perforated
                Artifacts (Bello); Edge-Perforated Artifacts: Additional Sources for Information
                (Bello); An Edge-Perforated Sinewstone from Hamilton Township, Mercer County,
                New Jersey (Bello). 61pp.


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